Daily Itinerary | November 2020 festival

Day 4: Japan

Welcome to day four! Today our journey takes us across the Pacific on our Online International Fiber Festival journey to visit Japan! Please watch the welcome video to learn about what we’ll be doing today and get a look at some of the products available from our Japanese vendors in the marketplace. 

Welcome Video

Please note: I misspoke in the video when I said the short row class included a sweater pattern. It just provides instruction about the methods and uses of short rows.

Join the discussion in the Online International Fiber Festival group on Ravelry or Facebook. And be sure to follow the festival on Instagram.

Japanese Vendors

All of these vendors can be found in the marketplace. (Click the link then scroll down to the marketplace section!)

Modern Kawaii-style embroidery using French embroidery techniques from designer Anna Kawabata.
Japanese knitwear designer based in Memphis, Tennessee.

Recommended Classes

Choose one (or more!) of the following classes for your morning learning. You will need a subscription to Craftsy to take the classes.

The Art of Cloth Dyeing with Jane Dunnewold (Beginner)

Kawaii Amigurumi Crochet: Adorable Animals and Friends with Stacey Trock (Intermediate)

Short Rows with Carol Feller (Free class!) (Intermediate)

Explore the Region

Spend your afternoon on a virtual tour of today’s region. Watch what you like!

Duke of Nikko created a charming introduction to Japan for festival participants. This version is family-friendly. Want the complete video? Watch the one below!
This is the explicit version of the video above. 18+.

Visit the Atelier Anna and Lapin YouTube Channel for embroidery instruction.

The Knit Guys is a knitting group for Japanese men. They produce very brief videos of some of their adventures.
An introduction to Shibori, the ancient Japanese resist dyeing technique.
Indigo dyeing in a Japanese studio.
A documentary about life in Japan and the development and influence of Zen Buddhism.
Noh is one of the traditional forms of theater in Japan. The masks are integral to the experience.
Baseball in huge in Japan. Get a glimpse of what it’s like in the stands at a Hiroshima Toyo Carp game!


Click the menu items for the recipes. The shopping lists are available to be downloaded by dayand by the entire event. Print off your preference and head to the market!

Oyako Donburi
Japanese Strawberry Shortcake

Evening Entertainment

Today, we are heading to the theater! Kabuki has been performed in Japan since 1603. It is well known for it’s dance, elaborate make-up, and exaggerated acting. The performance tonight has an audio commentary to help those who do not speak Japanese follow the plot. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed your day in Japan! 
Join us tomorrow as we visit Estonia!

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