May 2021 festival

Day 4: Poland

Welcome Video

Welcome to day 5! Enjoy this overview video and meet today’s vendors from Poland!

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Vendors from Poland

All of these vendors can be found in the marketplace. (Click the link then scroll down to the marketplace section!)

As a family-run business, DyeDyeDone aims to delight knitters with unique, gorgeous hand-dyed yarns in deep and vibrant colorways. Their fiber repertoire contains merino, yak, silk, alpaca, cashmere, linen and blends of the above sourced from ethical producers.
Technidea creates beautiful wooden sock and mitten blockers with themes to appeal to any knitter. They also create other items like stitch markers and wooden blocking boards. Based in an old mill, Anna Mazur-Orlowska is keeping industry alive in her small town of Suchedniow, Poland, while supporting knitters around the world!

Recommended Classes

Choose one (or more!) of the following classes for your morning learning. You will need a subscription to Craftsy to take the classes. Please note: if you have a subscription, you do not need to purchase the class unless you want to. Simply click play on the video!

See It, Crochet It: Reading Diagrams with Charles Voth

Knit Like a Master with Ann Budd

Hand Embroidery on Denim with Kat McTee

Explore the Region

For an upgraded experiencesubscribe to CuriosityStream! CuriosityStream is a streaming service like Netflix, but just for documentaries. Their videos are commercial free and available at a higher streaming quality than many of the options available through YouTube, and a portion of the cost of your membership will help defray the costs of running the festival. Once you have subscribed to CuriosityStream, click on the titles below to go directly to the recommended videos.

The Mighty Atom – A biography of the life of Joseph L. Greenstein, a Polish-born strongman who astounded many with his feats until his death at age 84 in 1977.

The following videos are available for free on YouTube. Consider taking advantage of the free trial of a YouTube subscription, which will block the commercials YouTube usually adds to their videos. The trial lasts for one month and they will send you an email a week before you are charged, so be sure to cancel at the end of the festival or when you get the email, or stay subscribed if you find it worth your while.

Join Rick Steves for a tour of Krakow, Warsaw, a salt mine full of incredible carvings, and a moving visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau.
Step back in time for a visit to the Polish countryside in the 1950s! This also covers some of the earlier history of Poland.
Learn about the discovery by Copernicus that literally upended the world.
Meet Marie Curie, a woman whose discoveries shaped the 20th century, for better and for worse.
Get a glimpse of the celebration in honor of the herds returning from their summer pasture in the mountains! All the interviews are in Polish with no subtitles, but there’s sheep. What more do you need?
We can’t leave the cultural exploration of Poland without watching at least one national dance! Enjoy this performance of the Krakowiak, the national dance from Krakow.
Christmas Markets can be such a blast, and they are a great way to see the regional crafts, as well as the regional foods, from an area. Enjoy this wander through some of the Christmas markets of Krakow, inside and out, day and night!


Click the menu items for the recipes. The shopping lists are available to be downloaded by day and by the entire event. Print off your preference and head to the market!

Ammonia Cookies

Evening Entertainment

This evening, we’re going to be listening to Ania Dąbrowska’s performance for the Virtual Niepodlegla Festival in 2020. Ania is a Polish singer-songwriter influenced by the singers of the 60s. She has served as a judge on singing competitions on Polish TV and has won several music awards in her home country.

We hope you enjoyed your day in Poland!
Join us tomorrow as we visit Cornwall!

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