Daily Itinerary | November 2020 festival

Day 5: Estonia

We have passed the halfway point of the festival! We will be in Europe for the remainder of our time together. First: Estonia! Please watch the welcome video to learn about what we’ll be doing today and get a look at some of the products available from our Estonian vendors in the marketplace. 

Welcome Video

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Estonian Vendors

All of these vendors can be found in the marketplace. (Click the link then scroll down to the marketplace section!)

Wooden jewelry inspired by mandalas and traditional patterns.
Knitting patterns inspired by regional traditions, including Estonia.

Personalized dolls and accessories for children and adults.

Recommended Classes

Choose one (or more!) of the following classes for your morning learning. You will need a subscription to Craftsy to take the classes.

Estonian Lace Explained with Nancy Bush (Advanced)

Custom Colorwork Techniques: Mitts with Stephanie Tallent (Intermediate)

Startup Project: Modern Hand Embroidery with Jessica Long (Beginner)

Explore the Region

Spend your afternoon on a virtual tour of today’s region. Watch what you like!

A brief introduction to Estonia’s capitol city.
More about Tallinn from Rick Steves.
Now that you’ve had an overview, take a deeper dive into this modern city!
Wander further afield to Estonia’s islands!
Learn about Estonian food before you prepare dinner tonight!


Click the menu items for the recipes. The shopping lists are available to be downloaded by day and by the entire event. Print off your preference and head to the market!

Apple-Buckwheat Crumble Cake (Scroll to second recipe on page.)

Evening Entertainment

Today, we are going to experience something a little different. Every Bird Has Its Own Song is part concert, part performance art, celebrating the birds native to Estonia. This was broadcast on February 24, 2020 as part of Estonia’s Independence Day celebrations.

This concert is hosted on an Estonian broadcasting site, so it can’t be embedded on this page. Just click the link and it will open in a new window for you. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed your day in Estonia! 
Join us tomorrow as we visit Germany!

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