May 2021 festival

Day 7: Bulgaria

Welcome Video

Welcome to Bulgaria! I lovely country on the edge of the Black Sea! Meet the vendors in today’s morning video and learn what we’ll be doing on day 7 of the festival!

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Bulgarian Vendors

All of these vendors can be found in the marketplace. (Click the link then scroll down to the marketplace section!)

At All by Fedi you will find handmade and independently designed simple, chic and stylish casual tote bags, hand bags, cross body bags, clutches, purses, leather accessories and more! All materials are carefully hand picked and handcrafted with a lot of attention to detail and quality assuring the creation of high quality, long lasting products that you can enjoy using for a long time!
Katya creates carefully designed and crafted jewelry using polymer clay 10 years ago. Her greatest inspiration is nature and she is driven by the impulse to create unique jewelry for her friends and herself.

Recommended Classes

Choose one (or more!) of the following classes for your morning learning. You will need a subscription to Craftsy to take the classes. Please note: if you have a subscription, you do not need to purchase the class unless you want to. Simply click play on the video!

Design it, Stitch it: Hand Embroidery with Jessica Marquez

Knit Sock Workshop with Donna Druchunas

Next Steps in Yarn Dyeing with Sarah Eyre

Explore the Region

For an upgraded experiencesubscribe to CuriosityStream! CuriosityStream is a streaming service like Netflix, but just for documentaries. Their videos are commercial free and available at a higher streaming quality than many of the options available through YouTube, and a portion of the cost of your membership will help defray the costs of running the festival. Once you have subscribed to CuriosityStream, click on the titles below to go directly to the recommended videos.

Expedition: Black Sea Wrecks — Bulgaria borders the Black Sea, location of many, many shipwrecks that shed light on ancient trade and seafaring.

The following videos are available for free on YouTube. Consider taking advantage of the free trial of a YouTube subscription, which will block the commercials YouTube usually adds to their videos. The trial lasts for one month and they will send you an email a week before you are charged, so be sure to cancel at the end of the festival or when you get the email, or stay subscribed if you find it worth your while.

Rick Steves’ Bulgaria

I don’t typically put in multiple travel-focused shows, but this one covers different things and the same things in different ways to the Rick Steves option above.
In this brief documentary, you get a look at some of the ancient sites and museum pieces of Bulgaria.
A beautifully filmed documentary about preserving two rare breeds of sheep in Bulgaria. This one is subtitled.
A short documentary about the Chiprovsti carpets.
A very brief demonstration of Bulgarian bobbin lace. Don’t be afraid to give bobbin lace a try! This is a very intricate pattern! Beginners start with easier projects and work their way up as their skills improve!
Michael Bar-Zohan shares the story of how Bulgaria became allied to Germany in WWII, but managed to resist sending their Jewish population to the death camps, saving 48,000 lives. An amazing story that most people are completely unaware of.
Christo and Jeanne-Claude were a husband and wife team of artists known for creating massive pieces of art in the real world that involved using fabric to highlight or hide the world. Christo was a Bulgarian-born artist, Jeanne-Claude was from Morocco (our next country!).
The Voyager Spacecraft left earth in 1977 with a gold record aboard containing a collection of recordings meant to give a taste of the many cultures of earth to anyone who should happen to come across it. Part of the recording was recorded by Bulgarian folk singer, Valya Balkanska, singing “Izlel ye Delyo Haydutin (Delyu the rebel went out).” After listening to the interview, listen to the song:


Click the menu items for the recipes. The shopping lists are available to be downloaded by day and by the entire event. Print off your preference and head to the market!

Shopska Salad
Bulgarian Moussaka

Evening Entertainment

This evening, we will be listening to Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares. The first album released by the State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir of Bulgaria was in Switzerland in 1975. It was rereleased in the UK and then the US in 1986. The record became very popular and sparked an interest in traditional Bulgarian music. The choir continues to record and travel, though the members change through the years. This is a 2017 concert the group gave at KEXP in Seattle, Washington, USA.

We hope you enjoyed your day in Bulgaria!
Join us tomorrow as we visit Morocco!

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